House of Dank


🚨 Wednesday Specials🚨 4g's SFV OG $20 ($140oz) 4g's Dark Knight $25 ($170oz) 5g's Bert's Cookies $30 ($169oz) 5g's Purple Alien $35 ($200oz) 5g's Kosher Tangie $50 ($280oz) Chiefin Extracts full gram Distillate Syrings 4/$100 The Clear 5/100$ 🤜🏽Brass Knuckels today only 1/$50 2/$45 5/$200 over 10 flavors For Pre-Ordering & Faster Service Moxie 710 3/$100 (exclusions may apply) 🏡BLOW OUT SALE Carts 7/$100 Tri Comb Shatter ultra De-waxed 3/$100 Michigan Clears 10/$100 Flav Rx 1/2grams 5/$100 Flav Rx Full Grams 3/$100 TreeWoods 4/$100 Tri Comb Is back NOW 3/$100 Exclusively at HOD (sacue, shatter, dewaxed, ulta-dewaxed) TreeWoods 4/$100 NLG stocked $60 per G 35 1/2g New $400 Shatter FIRE🔥 The jewler black dog 1g $60 3/$150 NEW $100Oz Pre-98 NEW $125Oz Cannalope kush 💊FLOWER: 🍃💙BLUE LABELS: $7g. $20/8th. $40/quarter. $80/half. $150/Oz. 🍃❤️PINK LABELS: $8g. $25/8th. $50/quarter. $100/half. $175/Oz. 🍃💚GREEN LABELS: $10g. $35/8th. $70/quarter. $140/half. $250/Oz. 🍃💚GREEN SPECIALS: $10g. $30/8th. $60/quarter. $120/half. $200/Oz. 🍃🖤SILVER LABELS: $15g. $50/8th. $90/quarter. $175/half. $340/Oz. 🍃💛GOLD LABELS: $20g. $60/8th. $110/quarter. $200/half. $360/Oz. 💊CARTRIDGES: 🖊️Liquid Honey Cartridges 6/$100 🖊️Michigan Clears 10/$100 🖊️Pure Gold 3/$100 🖊️Claws 3/$100 🖊️Claw pods 1/2grams 3/$100 🖊️Claw pods 1g 3/$20 💊WAX: 🐸Team sticky Fingers new drop 😎NEW NIKO Sacue 3/$100 FIRE 🎩NEW top hats fire shatter in at 3/$100 🔊Loud Extracts 3/$100 👽Nug Abduction Extracts (THC crystals & Sauce) 🧀Shatter Oz $400 🧀Crumble Oz $400 💊MEDIBLES: 🍙1000mg raw sugar $75 🍫Detroit Fudge Company 200mg, 240mg, 500mg 🍬Cheeba Chews back in stock! 🍂Shattered Thoughts are back in! 🤜Kushy Punches; Indica-hybrid-sativa 🍫Twax 100mg WELCOME TO HOUSE OF DANK DETROIT Striving to cater to all patients needs, House of Dank carries the largest selection of buds, edibles, and concentrates in Michigan! Staffed with knowledgable caregivers, we take our time to match each patient with the best meds for them. Here at House of Dank, we're passionate about serving our community with the best quality products available. With our growing inventory and helpful staff, it's easy to feel like home here! Come on in and check us out! We'd love for you to feel apart of the family too!


License : A10-17-0000034-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 3340 East 8 Mile Road
City : Detroit
State : MI
Country : US
Zip : 48234


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